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Few Words About Myself Passion for photography

Imagine a late night.
Everything is dark. You’re on the grass. There’s a concert stage in front of you. The lights turn on and Mick Jagger starts his syncopated dance. That’s the scenario that you always find in Simone Battistoni’s cinematic vision. One story to another, you can either discover the elegant fan standing in the music flow in black and white arri atmosphere or the protagonist moving fast in flashy lights and colours.

Why all this happens?
Battistoni studied photography in Milan. Printed analogics by Warhol, Haring and Basquiat in Ivan Dalla Tana photolithographic studio. Portrayed South America and North Africa and exhibited in a variety of global art galleries. All this, while working as photo editor at Fullsix, digital and creative leading agency.

First steps into fashion?
19 years old shooting Armani EA7 main campaigns and Colmar originals rebranding. Battistoni isn’t a daddy’s boy, but his father was a Rolling Stones’ fan.

And today?
You can either portray your brand with an high end/fine art approach through Simone Battistoni’s eyes, or decide for BAT studio tailor made services, including e-com, still life, events photography with his trusted entourage of professionals.

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